Who is Art Media?

20 years of experiences and over 671 successful projects

Who are we?

We are a team of 7 members and in our 20 years of activity we have specialized to website development. Our main goal is to offer premium service with reasonable price and work to achieve our clients goals.

Over the years we have worked with over 671 successful projects. We have developed tens of e-commercial websites, worked out web-based software for different companies etc. Also we have worked with integrations between websites and external softwares like Erply, Pipedrive etc.

What we do?

We offer different IT and design solutions. Our main fields of activity are:

  • Webdesign;
  • Website development;
  • E-shop development;
  • Website integrations with external sources;
  • Website content import and export.

More complicated specific solutions

Also we work with different specific solutions as:

  • Different specific solutions like price inquiry forms, specific integrations
  • Developing web-based IT solutions;
  • Developing web-based intranets;
  • Bank link integrations.

We have good partners

Over the years we have attended in lots of cooperation projects. We have worked with different advertising agencies and worked for other IT companies in terms of outsourcing. Also we have helped well-known portals with user interface design and performance issues.

We have a high value for cooperation partners and long term relationships.

Our team

Most of our team members have over 15 years of working experience in the field.

Also we are giving opportunities for young people who are learning to become a specialist. Therefor we are a multi-talented team and we are not only doing plain programming but we also can offer competitive design, website marketing services and ideas how to make your websites perform better.

We work on design until we get Your desired results
6 month warranty and client support
Thorough and easy to understand price offers