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Whiteboard videos boost up conversion rate for 20%

Accorcing to Unbounce.com article Whiteboard videos boost up conversion rate for 20%.  The article claims that You have 8 seconds (new research shows 5 seconds) to attract users and visitors. Therefor presenting short on point Whiteboard video is one of the best way to achieve visitor attraction. In average users watch videos 2.7 seconds. This time enables to present Your message to the visitor and this gives an advantage compared to regular text.

Best visitor attraction

The animated messages are also widely used in successful advertisements. It us well noticeable and attracts attention.

Low development costs

Whiteboard style animation development is much more cost effective than cartoon style animation development. It still attracts attention well and carry on the desired message.

Fast development time

Whiteboard style animation development does not take many month as cartoon style animations do.
An easy eye-caching video based on template drawings is ready in few days.
More complex animation with audio and custom drawings takes 1-3 weeks.

Whiteborard animation is the easiest way to present your activity

Whiteboard video can effectively be used to present a process or event. It is also possible to add voice-over, music, effects etc. to make the video more attractive and eye-catching.

Example animations

here you can see some examples

Ecoup animatsiooni tegemine - youtube Video
Magistrikava "Ühiskonna ja infoprotsesside analüüs" animatsioni tegemine - youtube Video
Näidisvideo - youtube Video
Teostus: Art Media. Klient: Elisa - youtube Video
Animatsiooni näidis - youtube Video
Jetoil - youtube Video
Melt 2016 - youtube Video
Animatsioon. Teostus: Art Media Tellija: Elisa - youtube Video
Animatsioon. Teostaja: Art Media Tellija: PMA - youtube Video
Animatsioon. Teostus: Art Media Tellija: MKM - youtube Video

How much does it cost?

Whiteboard video with template drawings
  • Animation development
  • using TEMPLATE drawings
  • Video length: up to 1 minute
  • Possible to present Your logo
  • Music clip (template)
Whiteboard video with custom drawings
  • Animation development
  • Drawing the scene and characters
  • CUSTOM drawings and animations
  • Video length: 1-2 minutes
  • Possible to present Your logo
  • Music clip
  • Voice-over
Longer and more complex animations
from 1000€
  • More complex drawings and animations
  • Generating the idea and conseption
  • Drawing the scene and characters
  • Hand drawn images
  • Video length: up to 4 minutes
  • Voice-over
  • More drawings, details and effects
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