Developing an e-shop

Examples of successful e-shops


75%profit increase
20 000visits in month


2000orders per month
24 000visits in month


20%increased orders
2300annual orders

For beginner e-shop owner

The basics about e-shop development

  • Be sure to use a good value proposition. You have to offer something which differ You from the compeditors.
    Practical example: many e-shops offer longer refund possibilities than the regular 14 days.
  • Be sure that you give customers real advantages and you have to present them clearly and attractively.
    Practical example: the most common advantages are free transport for a certain sum, products always in stock, large sortiment etc.
  • Logical structure and clear design.
  • High resolution product images and well formed product descriptions.
    Practical example: all major e-commerce sites like Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon etc. have nice images and thorough product descriptions even for cheep and simple products.
  • Of course competitive prices and also well oriented and persuasive content texts. Persuasive content is a major factor in selling your products.

For advanced e-shop owner

Here are some tips to consider when you already have a nice e-shop with high resolution images and good content:

  • You have to work with sale and promotions strategy. Marketing studies show that in internet people mostly buy sale products.
  • Good reliable client support service.
  • Convenient and logical shopping cart functionality.
  • Product reviews.
  • Use persuasion elements.
  • One of the best social proofs is to prove that your clients are satisfied and would buy from you again. This is the main fact for Ebay, Aliexpress and others.
  • Clear call-to-action messages. This means that you have to re-fare to actual advantages, not distract a customer with 5 alternative offers where you want him to add a product in cart. In those steps you want to give a customer only one option to proceed to purchase.
  • Good assortment gives an advantage but you can not forget logical categorization and search filters as customer may get lost in too many options.
  • In order to reduce manual work with product management consider integrating the system with different systems and data files.

How to increase e-shop sales?

  • Make sure that the customers are not abandoning the purchase process in shopping cart step. The main goal is not to lose customers when they have already chose a product and placed it in the cart.
  • Encourage customers to come back another time for more. The cost of getting a new customer is the same as for returning customer. Try to launch campaigns, use landing pages and other methods to encourage single customers to become returning customers. Do not waste money and focus on bad clients.
    Practical example: focus special offer for returning customers first as they are already used to buy from you. This is a common mistake that companies are focusing on new customers and the ones who are not loyal and do not interact with returning customers.
  • Maybe you have also notices some anomalies in trading. Sometimes people are waiting in long queues or driving long way to get something cheaper. In those cases they are not even complaining about the inconveniences that occur. Also usually when we start to investigate the actual cases we see that the price difference sometimes is not big or there is no price difference at all. Just that some shops or e-shops have managed to create an illusion that drives customers to react to their persuasions. This is where you can for example bring out your advantages which can be next day delivery compared to buying from China and waiting for over a month. Or you can bring out the cheap offer which means a customer has to drive 100 km and from you he can get the same thing very easy and not much more expensive.

The secret behind a successful e-shop is returning customers

How to compete with Chinese e-shops, cheap merchandise providers and corporations like Amazon?

Perhaps you have noticed shops or brands which have managed to race to great success compared to others. Sometimes customers are willing to experience and overcome a lot of inconveniences just to get to that shop or buy that brand.


  1. People are willing to stand in queues for hours or drive to neighbor country to buy something cheaper.
  2. People are ordering simple stuff from China waiting for 1-2 month until delivery when they could buy from local dealer and get the merchandise the next day.
  3. In some cases people are willing to buy from more expensive shop just because of the shops reputation.
  4. Also people are sometimes buying a lot more powerful product then they actually need and pay quite a lot more just to get something to follow the trends.

In those cases the shops and suppliers have managed to feed the customer with a right value proposition which has become a dream. For example Apple has convinced quite large number of people that their products are better than Android based smart phones and Windows based laptops. This is not entirely true as from other brands you get even more performance and more possibilities but for those people it is a must to have that dream product.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has said that people are buying for two reasons. One is to feel good and the other is to avoid feeling bad. Both of those reasons are very strong. Those aspects are driving a person to drive a long way or to stand for hours in a queue just to get a slightly better price or a dream product. For you this example proves a need for working out your value proposition which drives customers to you and repeatedly buy from you.

Developed e-shops

MK Furniture

Kral mööbel


75%profit increase
20 000visits in month




Lenne Kids




20%increased orders
2300annual orders

Geelijaam veebileht

Boxes E-pood





Saunasell koduleht


How much does e-shop development cost?

Budget for developing average e-shop is 2500€.

The price varies from the following aspects

  1. Do you need any integrations with external software’s or data feeds?
  2. Do you offer your clients a client section with login system and do you plan to use client based pricing or some other custom feature?
  3. Do you need product data import or export functionality?
  4. Do you need a multilingual e-shop and how many languages you are planning to support?
  5. Do you plan any other custom functionality for the e-shop?

E-shop technical capabilities

  • It is possible to import product info from external xml feed on integrate it with API.
  • It is possible to synchronize e-shop orders with sales software or some other external software.
  • There is also a status based order management system in the e-shop admin.
  • It is also possible to integrate external systems to measure or boost sales (eg. ticking sale badges, last remaining product, this product was bought or viewed by x number of persons etc.)
  • Many other extras like that.
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