Website development prices

How much website development costs?

Website development price packets

Website based on template design
800 €
  • Choosing a template (template)
  • Mobile support
  • Wordpress platform
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Content design
  • Uploading the website in live server
Marketing oriented website
1450 €
  • Personal design
  • Development of the website marketing plan
    (call-to-actions, value propositions, goal oriented approach)
  • Mobile support
  • Wordpress platform (advanced featured for user friendly platform)
  • Optimized for search engines and consultation
  • Content design and uploading the website in live server
Maximum value website
5700 €
  • Includes everything that is mentioned in previous packets
  • Website strategy development
  • Conversion oriented design
  • Generating content and layout strategy
  • Marketing oriented approach (call-to-actions, value propositions, goal oriented approach)
  • Persuasion-based approach (applying customer influence factors like social proof, facts etc.)
  • Consciousness factors (includes all customer segments: new customer, returning customer, reseller etc.)

Ask for a quote

In order to receive a quote please describe your ideas and desires for Your new website. Also define the necessary modules and if possible Your goals. In this way we can take all Your requests in account and provide You with a precise price calculation.

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Contact persons:
Raiko Raie

Phone: 7 441 365

Mobile: 53 312 020


Üllar Tamm

Phone: 7 441 365

Mobile: 53 312 030


Our offers include

  • Warranty for all our projects.
  • We work on the design until the client is fully satisfied with the result.
  • Our developed websites are automatically optimized for search engines and support mobile devices.
  • During the process we always give practical information and tips to the customers based on our experiences.
  • We use persuasion-based- and marketing approach in order to get best results.

Hourly prices

40 EUR / hour

Programming40 EUR / tund
More complex programming50 EUR / tund
Consultation and ideasFREE

Our price range is average but we believe we offer more value for the money. We are not competing with cheap 1 man offers because we believe it takes more dedication to get a good result. In order to reach our clients goals it is necessary to do more planning and thinking. We are offering different price packages for serving different needs. Not always the most expensive solution is best and vice versa.
Contact us and we can figure out the best solution for your needs!

Google reviews

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    thumb Heidi Pirk

    review rating 5  Väga tore koostöö. Äitah 🙂

    thumb Larossa Grupp OU

    review rating 5  Kodulehe loomisel oli meil väga hea koostöö ja kindlasti jätkame arendustega. Hindame kõrgelt seda, et saame kiirelt oma muredele vastused ja lahendused.

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    review rating 5  Väga tore koostöö. Äitah 🙂

    thumb Larossa Grupp OU

    review rating 5  Hea partner kes teeb väga head tööd!

    thumb Andres Algvere
  • review rating 5  Pikaajaline, super hea koostöö, kvaliteetne teenus.

    thumb Aivar Silma

    review rating 5  Väga asjalik koostöö. Mehed teavad mis teevad ja teevad kiiresti. Soovitan soojalt.

    thumb Kalev Pärtna
We work on design until we get Your desired results
6 month warranty and client support
Thorough and easy to understand price offers